Qom Province International Exhibitions Development Company, consisting of fourteen legal, economic, industrial and commercial organizations of the province, was established in 2006 according to the approval of the province's Export Development Working Group. Qom province with positive indicators and potential industrial, economic and commercial capabilities has provided a suitable ground for the required infrastructure. Qom International Exhibitions Development Company acquired a space of 20 hectares at the beginning of Qom-Tehran highway for the construction of a permanent exhibition space in the province in 2010 with the aim of developing exhibition spaces and increasing the number of audiences. The design of the exhibition has been adapted from the modern exhibition centers of the world and taking into account the climatic and religious conditions of Qom and its full implementation is predicted in 3 phases, which in the end has the main exhibition halls with an area of ​​more than 46,000 square meters And is the center of international conferences, cultural and sports complex, amphitheater, hotel, warehouse, parking, restaurant, commercial offices, and…


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